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Aircraft Manufacturers

Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:46 am

Maybe this topic has been brought up before and ran into the ground. If it is repetitive, please forgive me. I searched and found nothing. Keep in mind, I'm no expert... I just got thinking about this and if this is something valid.


So, there's much to do about Airbus' blunder on yet another delay. Boeing had many mishaps in the 787 program and the 747-800 program to delay that one. Each time on manufacturer slips up, the market swings one way the next time the other manufacturer does something, the market swings the other. You know, I remember back years ago when the industry had options. Lockheed and Douglas (later McDonnell Douglas) would usually watch where the others failed and stepped in and landed sales. Thus, having competitors made every manufacturer work that much harder.

I posed this question in a thread here last week, but it got lost in the usual banter of Airbus vs Boeing and such. My question is, what would be the likelyhood of having say, Lockheed (Now Lockheed Martin) return back into the commercial aircraft market or companies like Embraer or Bombardier step up production into larger aircraft designs?

I would think, keep in mind I'm no expert here, that having another competitor out in the market would be of interest not only to the companies that produce aircraft, but to the carriers as well. It could make the market more solvent and would possibly drive costs of airframes to a more respectable level.
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