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Tassili To Drastically Expand Fleet With 1bn Order

Tue Jun 20, 2006 11:53 pm

The Finance executive manager in Sonatrach, Mr. Ali Rezaiguia, has indicated, yesterday during the ratifying of an agreement to buy four planes from the company Bombardier of a value estimated at 84 millions of dollars, that the operation will open the way to adopt a programme allowing, the next years, to buy 41 planes with one billion dollars, with different capacities of transport including planes with 35 seats, 70 seats to planes with a capacity of 130 seats.

The officer, Ali Rezaiguia, added in remarks to reporters that Tassili planned to launch a tender for a further 50 planes at a cost of about $1 billion in about 18 months' time.

Not all to clear about how many additional frames we talk, but somewhere between 41 and 50 seems to be correct. All in all Bombardier seems to be well positioned to win additional orders, and, if it goes ahead, a potential launch customer for the CS130.

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RE: Tassili To Drastically Expand Fleet With 1bn Order

Wed Jun 21, 2006 1:20 am

If they go with this plan , they probably will drastically expand in Algeria , and even abroad.
Up to now , they are operating in the Southern Algeria to carry gas and petrol workers to the production sites , all situated in the Sahara.
For some time they had plan to buy the 737-600s from Air Algerie , but this plan never materialised.