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Small Jets Could Soon Use Bankstown (AU)

Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:08 pm

Bankstown Airport in Sydney could be used for domestic commercial flights by small jet aeroplanes within a few years.

European aeroplane manufacturer Airbus met with Bankstown Airport to discuss commercial flights by the A318 100-seat aircraft between Bankstown and Australian state capitals.

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Airbus envisages that the first flights will mainly cater to government employees working in the area, with services to Canberra and other state capital cities.

However, Mr Carnelly said the scope of the services was potentially much greater.

"(Bankstown) has good transport links with the M5 and public transport is not far away," he said.

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The talks between Airbus and Bankstown Airport follow recent approvals to fly the A318 out of London City Airport, which is located about 9.5 km from the London's central business district and just under five km from Canary Wharf.

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Full article here:

1. Seems probably not so much targeted at airlines but more at potential A318 Elite customers.

2. Any airline interested in operating such a service with A318s would either have to be Jetstar (unlikely) or a completely new customer to Airbus (QF purchasing the A318 as stand-alone unlikely as well). Couple of current F100 operators come to my mind which could be interested in such a niche route (airport).

All in all: interesting idea, let's see how it works out.
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