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Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:50 pm

I was up at Manchester Airport (New Hampshire) last night--June 21--as a guest of the UPS manager there. I'm doing a writing project on air cargo at MHT and last night was 'UPS night' for me. Doing the Louisville run on this evening was A300 N173UP, and I was out on the apron watching her load up and then push back. The guy who walked out with the plane as it got pushed back (the mechanic?) came back and told me, 'She's brand new!' Sure enough, I looked here on after getting home and there are no pictures of N173UP. I did a Google search of 'N173UP' and saw that it had been delivered June 1.

This plane was SPOTLESS, from tires to engines to the gleaming white cargo bay. It was so impressive.

To anyone from UPS reading this, you guys are great. It's a very well-run organization.

I'm going back to MHT tomorrow morning to see the inbound from Louisville.

Chris in NH