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VARIG: LH Full Recovery Plan Proposal 2005

Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:00 am

Hi everyone,

I personally cannot take anymore info/comments/discussions/argumentations on VARIG and its fate, since it´s now sealed.

However just recently I came across a document which I believe was HIGHLY confidential at the time it was prepared but is now available for anyone wishing to see WHY VARIG´S FATE IS TO GO BANKRUPT!  banghead 
- they probably never even considered some of the basic actions proposed in this document!

This document " VARIG RECOVERY PLAN / OPERATIONAL RESTRUCTURING PLAN" was submitted by Lufthansa Consulting on Sep, 9th 2005 to VARIG´s board of directors but apparently disregarded or ignored!  boggled 

Here´s the link (mind you, its a PDF file):


That to me is a total shame  cry  because the plan makes absolute sense to me!

Anyone, it´s on to you now. Read it an enjoy it!


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