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Eicas Compared To Ecam

Tue Jun 20, 2000 4:13 pm

As some of you might know, Boeing and Airbus both have their own system for aircraft and engine monitoring. Boeing uses EICAS (Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System) and Airbus uses ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft monitoring). There are a few differences between those two systems. The only thing I like to know:

What reasons do Boeing and Airbus have to use their own system. What do they think what the advantages of their own system are, compared to the other system.

Does anyone of you know? I really like to know.

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RE: Eicas Compared To Ecam

Tue Jun 20, 2000 9:44 pm

I consider ECAM to be the more advanced of the two systems. From my own experiences in the simulator when getting checked out for engine run approval on a/c like B747-400, 757, A310 & A340, ECAM will tell you what is happening and bring up the appropiate check list for the event and as you work through the 'list, as each item is actioned that item disappears off the list.
EICAS just presents you with instrument readings & you have to work out what it means & find you necessary Chk list if reqd.

Both systems will give a summary of the a/c status so I feel the above is where ECAM is better system
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RE: Eicas Compared To Ecam

Wed Jun 21, 2000 2:32 am

Having no experience with Airbus products, I cannot speak to ECAM. However, I know about EICAS. It is not just found on Boeing aircraft, both the EMB-145 and Canadair CL-65 have EICAS installed. In the case of the Canadair, EICAS will display information in text and pictoral formats. The logic for the text messages is that if everything is functioning normally and in flight configuration, no messages will be visible, i.e. the "dark, quiet cockpit". But the really neat things are the synoptic displays. Not sure you closed that 10th stage valve or turned off that boost pump? Just select the applicable synoptic display (fuel, flight controls, hydraulics, etc.) and see a schematic of the system. The info is presented in real time, so if you select that valve closed, you can see it move to the closed position on the screen. Very cool.
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RE: Eicas Compared To Ecam

Wed Jun 21, 2000 5:35 am

ECAM works to the same philosophy and has the synoptics which work in the same way.

The easiest way of to chk if you turned something off though, is still to look at the P/b Sw to see if the 'OFF' legend is on !