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Why Do Foreign A/c Orders Upset You So?

Tue Jun 20, 2000 7:33 pm

To all: I recently read with interest 2 posts from our friend Cedarjet (Why I'm pissed at Boeing & In defence of the DH Comet) in he he complains about attacks on the European aerospace industry. In this case, he certainly has a point! Considering how long Europe was at the forefront of aviation, I find it difficult to understand why people consider European aviation to be less advanced than elsewhere. But then again, I find the almost hysterical reactions people have to a/c purchases from the "other" side to be equally bewildering(for the purposes of this post, consider the "other" side to be whomever you want). Why is that?

Do you feel that your favorite/national carrier should only buy from the domestic supplier? Is it a violation of some sort of subliminal sense of patriotism if they don't?
Or do you feel jobs and a manufacturing base is threatened?

When an a/c order from the "other" side is announced, some folks feel the need to gloat/attack about the order, depending of course where you stand. The inevitable exchange of insults vs information soon follows, ruining another post. For myself, this is usually when I log off. Nontheless, with the upcoming Farnborough show(and its order announcements)not far off, try and remember a couple of things if the orders are not for "your" side:

1. Most a/c are made up of components often produced in other places.
2. These orders help produce prosperity in places in addition to the manufacturer's country.
3. The global economy will produce more trade and prosperity than ANY protectionist agenda, anywhere.
4. As enthusiasts, be happy that the orders keep coming.

I wonder if there is a forum somewhere else where Canadians and Brazilians argue and insult over RJ orders?
(hopefully not)



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RE: Why Do Foreign A/c Orders Upset You So?

Tue Jun 20, 2000 7:40 pm

I don't understand it either, look at my posts in the topic "Is ist possible to like Airbus and Boeing". Of course! There must be a competition, without it, it would turn bad with the civile aviation. It is very sad that Boeing bought MD and that Lockheed does not produce airliners anymore. By the way there has been a post in this forum, where a "war" between Canadiens and Brasiliens started, to topic of RJs.
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RE: Why Do Foreign A/c Orders Upset You So?

Tue Jun 20, 2000 7:40 pm

I totally agree with you: airbuses are not only made with european components (just look at the engines)
The same with boeing (just look at the gear: for some Boeing, they are build by Messier-Dowty, for the brakes, they are build by Messier-Bugatti: these 2 compagnies are subsidiaries of SNECMA, a french compagny).
I remember, when AF bought B777, some stupid french politics, try to cancel this, and to force AF to buy A340/330 instead. This was really stupid: AF needed B777 and not A340:
this was a POLITICAL reaction, and a lot of things, in aeronotical industry, are going like this (unfortunately...)