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The Day When The DC-10 Was Grounded!

Tue Jun 20, 2000 8:21 pm

I still remember quite clearly when I saw in the breaking news that a DC-10-10 from American crashed just after take-off on O'Hare! I was very sad and after that all the DC-10's were grounded for a while! In the oposite way during my spotting days that time was very good for seeing airliners in Lisbon. Lisbon in the late fifties and early sixties were the last stop to traffic through South America, we could see first the late piston airliners stopping in Lisbon before crossing the South Atlantic like Swissair DC-7C, KLM DC-7C, Varig L1049G, SAS DC-7C, Lufthansa L1049G etc. When the first jets arrived we could also see Swissair DC-8, KLM DC-8, SAS DC-8, Lufthansa 707, Air France 707, Sabena 707, Alitalia DC-8, Varig 707!!! When the wide-bodies came that traffic almost ended, but with the DC-10 tragedy we started to see again unusual traffic. I remember first seeing Lufthansa 707-320B, Alitalia DC-8-62, SAS DC-8-62/63, Swissair DC-8-62 and my last and great chance to see the oldie 707-441 PP-VJJ of Varig - still flying with those RRoyce Conway. I wounder if any enthusiasts had the chance to see during those times unusual traffic by your airports?
I wait your comments!
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RE: The Day When The DC-10 Was Grounded!

Wed Jun 21, 2000 12:57 am

While not directly related to spotting aircraft as a result of the DC-10 grounding....I have an anecdote that your post reminded me of.

During that time I saw a cartoon in our local was a drawing of the aisle of a large toy store. On the shelves on both sides of the aisle where boxes of model airplanes. In the middle of the aisle was the store clerk standing amongst a bunch of boxes that had obviously fallen from the shelves. He was holding a box up and looking at it, as he wondered to himself "Geeee, I wonder why these things keep falling of the shelves"

On the box in his hand was the inscription.....Model Kit: McDonald Douglas DC-10