CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 1:25 am

I read in an interview recently that Bethune is looking to buy back NW's 50.3% voting stake and 14% equit stake. Are the two airline's relations no longer amorous in light of CO's "chitchatting" with DL?
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RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 1:28 am

Since the DOJ sued NW and CO, the alliance probably isn't as viable as it
was envisioned back in 1998. The two airlines, however, code share on a
greater number of flights than any other combination of US carriers. CO's
management was said to be worried that service standards at NW were
not up to par with those of CO and this was cited as one reason for the
share buy back initiative.

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RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 2:12 am

The buy-back talk started happening way before the whole merger mania started a few weeks ago. It was reported in the Twin Cities news several months ago. As well as the NW service issue, CO had reportedly become concerned and resentful about NW's control, although the code-sharing and other parts of the relationship are not an issue, and CO does want to continue the partnership, especially considering NW has improved its performance over the last 4 months. In fact, if NW were to divest of the ownership, the DOJ suit would more than likely be dropped. I don't think the viability of the alliance is really an issue. It was also thought awhile back that CO was interested in a LBO (the Wall Street Journal reported this), but IMO, I think this thought has disappeared considering the vast amount of CO shares sold by executives lately (I posted a thread regarding this topic).
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RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 2:23 am

Continental and Northwest should merge and then buy Malaysia Airlines
and Air India to form a mega-carrier, flying 737's all over the place. I
see CO flying a 737 series 800 from EWR to Kuala Lumpur via KIX.

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RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 2:48 am


RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 5:35 am

newark, your on a lunatic
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RE: CO/NW Coming To An End?

Wed Jun 21, 2000 6:00 am

Newark may be a lunatic, but his theory is not as far-fetched as it may seem. I can see a mega-alliance of HP/TW/CO/NW/KL/AZ/VS/AI/SQ/AN/NZ taking shape within the next 5 years. Some of the higher-ups at these carriers are already speculating openly about this.
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