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Northweat Services

Wed Jun 21, 2000 9:10 am

I'll be flying on a Northwest DC10-40 and Northwest boeing 757-200 from seattle to Honolulu this summer and i've heard they do not have a GPS map on the TV screen. Is this true? I know other airlines do does northwest? any info would be welcome


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RE: Northweat Services

Wed Jun 21, 2000 9:54 am

Nope - the DC-10-40s do not have the Skyshow feature. Nor do the 757-200s.

I think only the 744s have it installed on NW.
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RE: Northweat Services

Wed Jun 21, 2000 6:33 pm

Yes, I think they have it. I flew on 11th April from DTW to AMS with a DC 10-?? (I don`t know if it was 30 or 40). I think this flight was terrible. I sat in the middle of the plane (2-5-2 configuration). The seat pitch was OK, but the pitch between both armrests was terribly small (17 inch).
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Yes They Do Have It

Wed Jun 21, 2000 10:08 pm

I can confirm that they do have it on certain aircraft. I was on a DC-10-30ER and a 747-451 on the 1st of June this year. I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka on the DC-10-30 and switch to a 747-451 from Osaka to Detroit (NW69). As far as I remember the display was only shown onboard the DC-10 and strangely not on the 747. The display was terrible as they displayed them at limited times only. By the way the DC-10-30ER I was on was an ex- Swissair machine (HB-IHL) while the 747-451 was N666US.

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RE: Yes They Do Have It

Thu Jun 22, 2000 2:13 am

yes, their D14s do have it, they have about 38 D14s, and around 15 have the feature. You won't find it on the 757 yet, but their last two deliveries had the equpiment.
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