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Plane Skids Off Runway In Ghana

Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:45 pm

A scheduled City Link flight from Kumasi to Accra was delayed for several hours on Saturday afternoon after the plane skidded off the runway on landing from Accra.

About 17 passengers, who had been waiting for the flight back to Accra were thrown into a state of fear and anxiety after waiting for more than an hour and a half before the 9G-LET aircraft touched down only to skid almost into the bushes on the Kumasi airport Captain Danny Larkai, the Flight Captain explained to the passengers that everything was fine when they left Accra, "but the tyre at the nose of the plane burst on touching down and forced the plane to skid sideways into the bush you see over there."

Currently only citylink and antrak airlines flies from Kumasi to Tamale and Accra.
The airport has been upgraded to international status
Next destinations, Suarabaya, beirut, paris, Accra

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