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How Far Do Airlines Go Out Of Their Way To Help...

Sat Jul 08, 2006 7:30 am

Hello all

I was wondering after reading on page 11 and 12, how far do airlines go out of their way to help customers in bad situations before, during or after the flight? I've notice every month always post some good articles regarding passengers having trouble with their holidays whether its miss connecting flights, need to attend furneral or rush to a hospital, there are so many things can go wrong, but there will always be an employee out there and try their hardest to accommodate their needs. If you read pages 11 and 12 you will learn AC employees go out of their way to help passengers in very bad situations or not so bad. I know there are some negatives toward AC employees but there are always positive side too, above and beyond their duties. I wish I can copy and paste the stories but you will have to go to the link. .

Here's one story I will type out for you.

Air Canada Cares

During my recent trip to Africa, I flew Air Canada to London and then another airline to Doha and Khaurtoum. I was looking forward to my flight from London to Khaurtoum on one of the most advertised airlines in its region.
It was the first time travelling internationally with our baby. Things started out well in Saskatoon. The Air Canada staff were very nice and pleasant.
We did not have a very smooth journey to Toronto due to weather. The plane landed in Hamilton, we evenually made it to Toronto.
Since we were travelling with our baby, we boarded first. The air hostess (on the London flight) explained that our seats were in the two seaters section and it would be best to have three seats in a row so that we can have baby in his car seat in between us. The plane was full. She asked some passengers if we can swap seats and succeeded. It was the best flight we ever had. On two occasions, she stopped to ask us how our little one is doing. For the first time in all my travels, eight hours on the plane seemed short.
When we check-in at other airline, we asked for seats in the three seats row. When it came time to board, no preference was given to children. We were told we could not board the plane with our stroller or our car seat. We explained that we needed the stroller because we had six hours to wait at Doha airport. Our stroller and car seat were taken away. On board we were not seated together. The plane was half emtpy. In Doha, we asked for our stroller but were told it was shipped to Khaurtoum. They got us an old stroller without seat. It wasn't of much use.
My journey back to Canada was uneventful. My luggage was arrived the next day. The handling of the delay and apologies for the inconvenience humbled me. I told my friends about our experience. One had a similar experience when he came from Lebanon to Canada. He flew another airline and then Air Canada. While no one at the other airline paid any attention to the fact that they were travelling with a baby, Air Canada did the same thing they did to us. Although I may not be a big fan Air Canada's inflight meals, one thing for sure: their staff makes all the difference. If you are looking for the best company in the sky, then fly with someone who cares. Air Canada cares.

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