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Airbus-No Fullstop To Problems Yet? Co-CEO Pickle?

Sat Jul 08, 2006 12:33 pm

There is no doubt that the new Co-CEOs that are now running the show at Airbus , certainly have there work cut out for them & must deal with a great number of major issues that they had nothing to do with .That were completely out of there control .

The question is , can they effective tackle all these issues with the Co-CEO/split political set up ?

How long have Airbus been using this complicated arrangement , have they used multiple Co-CEOs before ?

Is the Co-CEO set up equally split between the French & Germans ?



No fullstop to Airbus problems yet

Posted online: Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 0030 hours IST

While analysts praised the replacements for Forgeard and Humbert, the new executives¡ªboth Frenchmen with long industrial pedigrees¡ªmust navigate a tangled web of reporting lines that seems, again, to reflect political sensitivities rather than management logic. This, the analysts said, could bog down the turnaround of Airbus that EADS has promised to its shareholders. ¡°We¡¯ll work hard and we¡¯ll work jointly to bring EADS back on course,¡± the newly appointed co-CEO, Louis Gallois, said in a joint statement with the incumbent German co-chief, Thomas Enders. ¡°Our immediate priority is Airbus. We need to stabilise the A380.¡± Gallois, a former aerospace executive who most recently ran the French state rail company SNCF, would be well placed to tackle the manufacturing problems at Airbus, according to analysts.

The trouble is, the newly named head of Airbus, Christian Streiff, will report to Enders, not to Gallois. Enders oversees the military side of EADS, which makes helicopters and missiles, rather than the commercial aviation side. That was a condition of the main German shareholder of EADS, DaimlerChrysler (the major French shareholders are the Lagardere Group and the French state). DaimlerChrysler had hoped to eliminate the two-headed management, but agreed to leave that for another day. ¡°This was a pragmatic solution,¡± said a spokesman for DaimlerChrysler, Hartmut Schick.


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RE: Airbus-No Fullstop To Problems Yet? Co-CEO Pic

Sat Jul 08, 2006 1:10 pm

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RE: Airbus-No Fullstop To Problems Yet? Co-CEO Pickle?

Sun Jul 09, 2006 4:00 am

While Messieurs Gallois and Streiff themselves are external to Airbus, I do not believe Forgeard and Humbert alone were responsible for Airbus' missteps, so I expect some additional "housecleaning" and "managerial re-alignment" will need to be performed in the near future.

As Gallois seems to be the "production" expert, he may concentrate on the A380 program, allowing Steiff to focus on the A350/A370 program.