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A Portrait Of Louis Gallois

Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:59 am

The French magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a story about the man who is supposed to put EADS back on track:


And the google translation:


NB: it seems that Gallois means "Welsh" in French; so google translates Louis Gallois as Welsh Louis  Wink

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RE: A Portrait Of Louis Gallois

Thu Jul 13, 2006 10:39 pm

I just know that Louis Gallois has done a magnificient job for the SNCF (the french railway network). It was an old public corporation, and he renewed it very well, by adding some very good ideas both in the design and quality of the train's interior, as well as creating new kinds of restaurants inside the trains and all... Of course he wasn't directly linked to all this but he was the one who incited it.

His marketing skills are absolutely fabulous, no doubt about that. He has some good skills as far as dealing with politicians is concerned too, which, of course, is excellent to EADS has their problems are of worldwide concern.

The only negative thing is that he really didn't want to go to EADS, he was kind of forced into it. He already had a chair at the corporation's council and that was enough for him, he surely didn't want to become the CEO. Plus, the SNCF (the railway network) will miss him very much. When he left the building, all the employees were there applauding.

Anyways thanks for the news.