Airline Ranking Per Pax (IATA Stats)

Thu Jun 22, 2000 11:00 pm

1999 IATA figures now published (in million pax) :

1. Delta 105,534
2. United 87,049
3. American 81,452
4. Northwest 57,478
5. Us Airways 55,812
6. Continental 43,950
7. ANA 42,743
8. Lufthansa 42,128
9. Air France 37,049
10 .British Airways 36,609

Ranking on international routes only :

1. British Airways 30,315
2. Lufthansa 27,287
3. Air France 20,743
4. American 17,397
5. KLM 15,322
6. Singapore Airlines 13,545
7. SAS 12,474
8. Swissair 12,326
9. Japan Airlines 12,197
10. United 11,374

A few remarks :

US carriers rank very poorly on international routes an I am a bit surprised to see United so behind American.

British Airways, carrier of choice on international routes, but domestic market totally insignificant, therefore BA just barely achieves the consolidated top 10...

Air France benefits from the largest domestic market in Europe to be so well ranked globally, and it has also a dominant presence internationally. The same applies to Lufthansa.

ANA, not in top 10 for international routes must have an impressive market share on domestic route (more than 30millions pax)...

Obviously, globally US airlines rank at the top due to the gigantic US domestic market...

What do you think ?


RE: Airline Ranking Per Pax (IATA Stats)

Thu Jun 22, 2000 11:15 pm

The domestic market in the UK isnt so insignificant. The reason why BA carries so few domestic is because there is a lot more competition such as British Midland and KLMUk than in France or Germany. Competition in Germany and France is only at the beginning (the new Air Liberte and Deutsche BA as examples).

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RE: Airline Ranking Per Pax (IATA Stats)

Thu Jun 22, 2000 11:24 pm

Interesting are KLM and Swissair. The have barely (only a few thousand passengers) domestic market, but in the international passengers ranking they are in the top ten.