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What Routes Will FR Replace Vasteras With At LTN?

Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:11 pm

Just been looking at Ryanair's timetables for the Winter from Luton and most times remain unchanged from the summer on their existing routes. They are dropping the twice daily service between Vasteras and Luton and this leaves four rotations in the timetable empty (early morning and evening) with about 2.25hr sectors.

I am curious what routes Ryanair will replace the Vasteras route with...

Thought we could start a little fun and guess what routes they start up.

It could be possible we see up to four new routes launched, by the airline flying them every other day (As they do at EMA). Or we could see two new routes launched or they might just operate the one route flying twice daily.

I suspect the new routes launched will be about 2hrs flying time away, which pretty much opens up the whole of FR's route network. As the aircraft will be flying the route first thing in the morning and last flight back in the evening back to their LTN base. This provides the airline with some flexiability, without impacting the other routes, where the timetable has already been released.

Before anyone suggests any of the following routes, it is unlikely, as FR have already dropped these in the 18 months that have been based at the airport!


Im thinking Bratislava might be one of those routes, seeing at easyJet have dropped the route. Also the Polish routes from Luton have proved very lucrative for the likes of Wizz Air and easyjet, so they could be a possibility.

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