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Maya Island Flight Veers Off Municipal Runway

Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:38 pm

An Maya Island Air(MW) flight ran off the runway at the Belize Municipal Airport it was a grand caravan.It appeared to have had a mechanical malfunction when it was arriving from San Pedro. That mechanical failure caused it to veer off the runway into the swampy area surrounding Belize Municipal Airport. No injuries are reported.

Yellowtail anymore info?
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RE: Maya Island Flight Veers Off Municipal Runway

Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:37 pm

Your info is entirely correct. It was Friday I believe. Shut the airport for about an hour...saw all the late flights scrambling to get out before dark. There was very little news as most were focussed on happy hour by that time.

When I first heard of first thought was 'Tropic Air Again"

What can I say...jsut another day in Belize avaition. They always blame the "malfuction"..when it the last couple of accidents, it has more than likely been pilot (cowboy) error....but the real findings usually get swept under the rug.

Plane went partially into salt might be awhile before return to service.

Our two airlines go through caravans like a kid eatign candy.
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