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Will USAirways Use....

Fri Jun 23, 2000 3:25 am

This summer I am taking a trip to europe and my grandparents have us booked on a USAirways flight out of Burlington (BTV) connecting in PHL on to London. The Plane is a Boeing 767-200ER (I Think) and I heard somewhere that USAirways might have the A330 on that route by the time I go (Aug 14-26).
Is this true? How is the service in coach on the 767 or A330 on USAirways? Thanks all of your help is appreciated!

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RE: Will USAirways Use....

Fri Jun 23, 2000 3:36 am

US Aiways has two flights a day to London from PHL. The 5:35pm flight is a 767-200 and there is a 10:10pm flight that uses the new A330. So it depends on what flight you are booked on. Its possible, but unlikly that the 767 will be replaced by the Airbus being Augist is just over a month a way and seats are already sold on the 767. I have never flown US Airways international, but I have flown on their 767's several times. Expect a nice ride, and decent service. They are begining to make a great name for themselves flying over the Atlantic, so I am sure it will be good on either plane you get. I hope you get the A330 though.   Have a good trip!