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737/A319 At London-City?

Fri Jun 23, 2000 3:53 am

A while ago a friend of mine flew on LX from LCY to ZRH on an ARJ, he told me that when he was spoting he saw an all white 737 (!!!), I told him that i dont think it's possible for a 737 to t/o or to land at LCY, i told him that maybe he didnt look well, but he said he did.
this looks very strange to me! what do you think?
is it possible for a 737 to fly to LCY? is there any airline who flies a 737 to LCY? and who can be the owner of the all white 737 he was talking about? It happend at the end of May. Thanx
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Fri Jun 23, 2000 4:00 am

I believe a B737 can take off and land at London City but no airline has a scheduled service using a B737. - Maybe an Air France??? But I aint sure

Hope this goes someway to helping you.

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RE: Well

Fri Jun 23, 2000 4:05 am

A 737 might be able to land at LCY, but it would have a hard time taking off again. Maybe the 737-600 would be able with minimum payload and fuel.
And no, AF does not fly 737's to LCY.
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RE: Well

Fri Jun 23, 2000 5:38 am

A 737 could take-off with a minimum payload but the question is whether it would be able to land with a 6° angle of attack. Is it possible?

RE: 737/A319 At London-City?

Fri Jun 23, 2000 8:43 am

Theoretically it is possible for the 717 to operate from LCY. However Boeing would have to modify the 717s flap settings to allow an extra stage for the steep approach to be flown. They looked at this but I don't know how much progress was made (if any)