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What Happened To "secure Cockpit Suites"?

Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:29 pm

After September 11, 2001, there was talk of changing the design of airliners to have not only secure (bulletproof, deadbolted) cockpit doors, but also "secure cockpit suites" (my term) including a lav for the flight crew. The idea was that during flight, there would never be a need to expose the cockpit to the possibility of someone from the pax cabin intruding, eg if the pilot had to come out of the cockpit to use the lav.

Almost 5 years later, the state of the art seems to be nervous-looking FAs pushing a drinks cart across the aisle while the pilot comes out of the cockpit to take a leak.

What's the plan? Has the idea of a separate, self-contained "secure cockpit suite" (including a lav) been abandoned?

Does the 787, the first post-9/11 clean-sheet design, at least offer such a configuration as an option? Or is the theory that since it's a "plastic jet", it'll be the "rubber bullet" of hijacked aircraft?

(Sorry to be so crass -- as far as I can tell, cockpit security is being blown off in new designs, which seems a bit stunning, given the world we live in today...)