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Russian Airliners - Do They Have A Chance?

Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:27 am

I've said some rather unflattering things about Russian jets in the past here. This wasn't meant to mean I didn't like the designs, only that past attempts have fallen short, being cruder, heavier, and less efficient than their western counterparts.

One of my favourite things about long layovers at ICN is that I get to watch TU-154s and IL-62s take off with all the thunder, and smoke that goes with it. It beats those comparitively boring, buzzing 767 departures, and reminds me of being a kid and watching DC-8s take off from YWG with that ear splitting noise and smokey engines.

The question I have is, do aircraft like the TU-204 and IL-96 have a chance at commercial success outside the former soviet republics? I happen to love the look of the IL-96 and it's apparent roomy cabin appeals to me. Question is, can they ever economicly appeal to western airlines? The A-340 is having enough trouble, so I wonder if the IL-96 has any chance at all?
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RE: Russian Airliners - Do They Have A Chance?

Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:41 am

Only the RRJ. The 204 will have limited success in the former USSR and some asian/african countries.
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