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PX (Air Niugini) Resume Flights To HKG

Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:02 am

After many years of suspendsion, PX is going to resume flight to HKG from 8 August.


Air Niugini will resume flying to Hong Kong on 08 August, 2006 subject to regulatory approvals.

Chief Executive Officer of Air Niugini, Mr Wasantha Kumarasiri, announced the service to Hong Kong will operate as an extension to the Manila flight and will now depart from Port Moresby on a Tuesday in lieu of the existing Wednesday service. The return flight will also be via Manila on Wednesday evening, arriving in Port Moresby early Thursday morning.

Coinciding with the resumption of its service to Hong Kong, Mr Kumarasiri said that Air Niugini has been able to negotiate with Air New Zealand, its current engineering service provider, to alter the existing arrangement for aircraft engineering maintenance checks to be conducted in Hong Kong. Maintenance of the B767 will be carried out by HAECO (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company) under the maintenance agreement with Air New Zealand.

"We are excited about returning to Hong Kong as this opens up trade and business opportunities as well as new source market for tourism from China for the country. With Hong Kong airport being one of the busiest in Asia, Air Niugini's scheduled service into Hong Kong offers a number of excellent options for same day connections to and from Europe, the Middle East, India and the United States," Mr Kumarasiri said.

"The ground work has been finalised in Hong Kong and we are looking forward to the service commencing on 08 August," added Mr Kumarasiri.

Mr Kumarasiri said that concurrent with the Hong Kong service, Air Niugini will boost capacity on the Port Moresby Brisbane sector with an additional flight each Wednesday.

" I am very pleased to add that the exta service means our customers have access to daily flights from Australia to PNG via Brisbane."

Wasantha Kumarasiri

Chief Executive Officer

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 July 2006 )

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RE: PX (Air Niugini) Resume Flights To HKG

Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:18 am

Very, very interesting. It is great to hear that Air Niugini is back to Hong Kong. However I don't know whether many people will want to fly PX from HKG to BNE with 2 stops. Anyway, do they have 5th freedom rights for Manila-Hong Kong?

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RE: PX (Air Niugini) Resume Flights To HKG

Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:28 am

Personally I think it is very inetresting as well. Recently Saudi also launch a new service to Riyadh via Manila, weekly service.

I am not sure if PX with any 5th freedom from HKG to MNL. If they have the right, I can see very soon people in HKG can enjoy some low fare to MNL again.

Weekly flight should be okay...I hope they can do it. Also, I think PX flies to HKG also because of maintainence. If fare is attractive enough, I am sure some overseas students studying in BNE will take this route.

I hope someone can answer the 5th freedom question.
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RE: PX (Air Niugini) Resume Flights To HKG

Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:00 pm

PX is doing well lately. They just added two Fokker 100 's to their fleet. They are adding flights to BNE and now they are going to reopen lights to HKG. Great to see them growing.