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Premiair's A330

Sun Jun 25, 2000 4:08 pm

Has anyone flown on Premiair's A330's. I'm flying one on Monday from MIA-ARN and was wondering if they are comfortable or do they put as many seats in them as possible? Do they have individual t.v.'s at each seat? And what is this I have heard about underfloor toilets? Makes sense though to free up more room in the cabin. Thanks
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RE: Premiair's A330

Sun Jun 25, 2000 9:29 pm

You are right about the lavatories and the TV-screens.

There is also an SUN CLASS option for those who want to sit even better. Then you have leather seats and plenty of space in all directions! The menues are even better...just like first class service on a scheduled carrier (e.g. SAS Euroclass).

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