Hughes Airwest

Sat Feb 20, 1999 12:12 pm

Today I was looking through a book and I found an airline called Hughes Airwest. I also saw some photos of Hughes Airwest on If you have flown Hughes Airwest what type of aircraft was it? When did they stop flying?
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RE: Hughes Airwest

Sat Feb 20, 1999 1:09 pm

I never flew them but they stopped flying around 1980 when they were purchased by Republic and briefly renamed Republic West. Then they simply became Republic. Northwest purchased Republic in 1986.

RE: Hughes Airwest

Sat Feb 20, 1999 6:15 pm

I never flew on them but they operated DC-9's i think they were series 50's They were all yellow and used to be called "flying bananas" They went out in the early 80's i believe