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Falstaff Brewing Corporation Planes?

Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:32 pm

I am trying to research three planes that were owned by the Falstaff Brewing Corporation, of St. Louis, MO.Three of Falstaff's planes all had the same number; N503, as they never had more than one at a time. The planes are:

C-53-D # 4939
C-53-DO # 11701
CV-240-50 #042

The CV-240 I found a photo of on It was with a different operator.
Falstaff started flying the CV in 1961. I am not sure when they stopped flying it. I think it was 1973. Falstaff's last two years, (before the hostile take over in 1975) I was told they leased a jet, but I can't find anyone who knows what kind. Does anyone know?

I was told there was a forth plane they owned, but did not fly under the N503 number. The picture below with the bowling team by it is that plane. What kind of a plane is it? I can't really make it out.

Falstaff had several pilots they were: Ralph Woodruff - 1940's - early 50's
Hank Haddock - 50's - early 70's
Charllie Davis, Duke Erwin & Bill Lovin

I met Hank Haddock several times, but I never talked about aircraft specifics with him. We always just talked about flying in general. He died a few months ago.

I also put in a photo of one of the Falstaff C-53s at Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1954. The other Falstaff C-53 had a different paint job.

What is the difference between a C-47 and a C-53?

I am would like any information on these planes. What happened to them? The CV-240 was cut up in 1978, but what about the others? I publish a quarterly Falstaff Brewery historical newsletter and would love to put some info in there about their planes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Big version: Width: 959 Height: 611 File size: 558kb
Big version: Width: 289 Height: 191 File size: 39kb
My mug slaketh over on Falstaff N503

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