AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 7:02 am

Have you all seen the new "Flagship Suites" that AA is putting in it's first class section of all 777s ? They are awesome! They have swivel, fully-flat sleeper seats. You can even have four people dine at one table! I saw a pic of them at if you can, go and check them out! they're awesome!

I think AA will have the best international first class of any airlines - even surpassing Singapore Airlines' first-class! (that's how cool they are!) I recently saw a set-up of them at the training center, and I have to admit, that AA and AMR really have spared no expense on these seats. I've never seen anything like them in my life.

What do you guys think of them? Is AA making the right decision? Should they put them on their other aircraft? Will this cause Delta to eleminate it's "Business Elite" class and return to the three-class configuration on international flights? Will UAL follow AA's lead?

RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 7:08 am

Basically its the same that British, Singapore, Cathay, Swissair and Qantas already have. Its also possible to dine together in the first classes of these airlines. Only that the seats of those airlines are made of wood while AAs seats are tacky plastic.


Seats Should Be Made Of Plastic, Not Wood

Mon Jun 26, 2000 7:17 am

The seats in an aircraft SHOULD be made of plastic, not wood. If you made seats out of wood, think of the potential fire hazzards that could result from that. It's not "tacky" of american to make their seats from plastic, it's intelligent.
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 8:04 am

its also good for having a "mini meeting" I think AA should install them in their 767's and MD-11's too
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 9:00 am

United already has this. American is following our lead! We introduced the First Suite long before Amercian announced their version. Granted, we copied British Airways and Singapore et. al. who introduced it first, but we're the first US airline to offer this. The First Suites are progessively being installed on United 777s and 747-400 aircraft.

The only difference between the First Suite and the AA-counterpart is that AA allows four people to dine together in the center section. This doesn't seem like the big of deal.

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Mon Jun 26, 2000 9:12 am

Actually, the "tacky plastic" seats are what BA's, QF's, SQ's, CX's, and everyone elses seats are made out of.

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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 9:26 am

UAL744Pilot - American's Flagship Suite also offers at least two other things that the United First Suite does not... The Flagship Suite is the only swivel seat flying, and it is the only seat to feature dual drop-down armrests, allowing the passenger to have a 30.5" wide bed.
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 9:38 am

First of all, I gotta say that I love AA's new suites! It's a good thing they waited a long while to introduce them, as AA was able to sit back and try and expand on the suites that were already flying. They did a great job!

Second, the video on the AMR site about the new Flagship Suite is great! I recommend it if you have a fast internet connection (DSL+)!

One of the things that would have been nice for all of the suites flying in the "herringbone pattern" (where the seats are angled) is the swivel feature. Takeoff on the United First Suite was an feels really weird being at such an odd angle while taking off (inflight feels normal)...Takeoff might have been better if the seat swiveled to face forward!

Way to go AA! I'm lovin' it!

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RE: AA's New

Mon Jun 26, 2000 9:52 am

That is a pretty cool video, isn't it? I was pretty impressed the first time that I saw it. I can't wait for my first chance to fly in the Flagship Suite. While it would be nice to see AA put them into the 767s, i don't know how well it would work. The narrower cabin of the 767 would limit the number of seats across to 3 at the most, and even that would be a narrower seat (or a narrower aisle) than used on the 777. I'm not sure how herringbone seats work logistically when they are all by themselves in the center of the plane (not next to another seat or a wall).

For those who haven't seen it...

The Video (98,695K)
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Mon Jun 26, 2000 11:16 am

I was just thinking about something:

If AA was to begin operations across the Atlantic to smaller cities (from JFK) with 757's, they theoretically could put the Flagship Suite onboard economically.

As the 757 has a narrow cabin, only two suites could be placed across per row at the 30-35 deg. angle (the normal angle for all suites) , but it wouldn't be too economical, as in the forward part, AA could only fit 8 suites (based upon 3 windows/row). If you place the suites at a steeper angle, say of 50-60 degrees to the wall, you could still only fit two suites per row, however, the suites would only take up two windows per row, leaving the forward part of the 757 with 12 suites, which would be the exact amount of seats if AA had installed "regular" seats (which take up 4 windows/row).

Food for thought...

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AA's Inability To Innovate...

Mon Jun 26, 2000 1:27 pm

Is it just me, or does every new AA idea seem to follow the pattern of a certain other US airline? First, they try to one-up United by eclipsing Economy Plus with "More Room in Coach", and now, the Flagship Suite, eerily similar to United's First Suite.

Also, AA playing the "copycat" in the whole Love Field fiasco, 14 nonstops to Austin to compete with Southwest, and then the 50 seat F100s to try and shoot down Legend Airlines.

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? Seems like AA hasn't come up with an idea of their own since the Admirals Club....

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RE: AA's New

Mon Jun 26, 2000 4:15 pm

Amen to that NWA man! What happened to the creativity that resulted in FFPs and CRSs??? But you have to remember... in essence, AA is run by marketing... DL is run by bean counters... and UA thinks it's so big it doesn't give a rat's arse (even though it's not that big)...

THUS: when UA makes a positive (in the eye of the public and consumer) move, AA must one-up em' to save face, and DL reaps more profits by sitting back and watching as the two dogs spend barrel loads of moola fighting it out!
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RE: AA's New

Tue Jun 27, 2000 1:20 am

AA is very smart! They've taken others mediocre ideas and designs, and transformed them into industry standards.

Sure, UA decided to give a few of their passengers "more room" in coach, while AA decided to give all of their passengers "more room throughout coach," and "throughout business."

Yes, UA followed the lead of other International air carriers, in offering "Suites" in First Class, while AA took this same idea and revolutionized it.

UA started updating their a/c seats a few years ago, while AA is nearing the completion of their refurbishment efforts, in nearly a 12 month period.

All in all, its the passenger that's noticing the premier difference between AA and UA, and that's all that matters!
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Tue Jun 27, 2000 1:23 am

This will certainly not cause Delta to change from their Business elite. Delta made the right choice to start Business elite. I've flown in it four times, and it is great.
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Tue Jun 27, 2000 1:29 am

Hi People,

With regards to the make of a seat...all seats are made out of aluminum and polycarbonates (i.e plastics)...there are NO seats made out of wood...they would never pass the Structural and Flammability certification requirements that are posed on the airlines by the JAA and FAA not to mentione that they are just to heavy

Also, it might be interesting to note that the AA, UA, and QF F/C seats are all deisgned and produced by the same company, hense why they are similar. The only thing special to note is that the AAL 777 seats we're dynamically tested, so engineering wise they we're much more a nightmare!


Dynamically Tested Seats

Tue Jun 27, 2000 4:38 am

Dear Mikeymike,

Can you elaborate on your last comment here?? Explain what "dynamically tested" means... was that good or bad? It sounds good, whatever it is. It's interesting that AA is getting rid of the sleeper seates they currently have in the FC cabin of all 777s... but i think they just weren't ready for the flagship suites when the first AA 777 rolled out... so they used those instead. Interesting.

Thanks Mikey
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Tue Jun 27, 2000 5:09 am

They were all designed by Rumboldt of the UK, right? What do you mean by "dynamically tested"?
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Wed Jun 28, 2000 1:42 am

Looks great !
Although US carriers have only introduced such services years after their Asian counterparts, both AA and UA appear to have outdone airlines like Singapore on this one !!
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Wed Jun 28, 2000 1:48 am

Yes, I agree that AA has outdone Singapore (for once!) I think that these new seats, which were made by UK based Rumbolt, will set the defenition for international and transcontinental first-class service. to add to this, AA is revamping it's first, business and economy class menus, putting caviar back into first-class transcon (the ONLY airline to serve caviar on transcon f/c might i add), and AA is changing it's first/business class amenity kits to have more knick-nacks (shampoo, razors, shave cream, Evian water spritzer) etc.

I have not seen a picture of United's New First Class Sleeper Seats... Does anyone know where you can see them? I'm dying to compare them to AAs!

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RE: AA's New

Wed Jun 28, 2000 2:14 am

I'm curious about the other thread in this discussion, i.e. UA,AA,BA, etc have preserved and enhanced first class, whereas CO,DL,KL,Virgin, have gone the enhanced businessfirst/elite direction. Are these totally different markets? Did CO/DL, et. al. just decide that there were too few first class passengers to court? Do UA/AA/BA etc business class products compete well with the CO/DL/KL/Virgin products?

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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Wed Jun 28, 2000 2:37 am

BA business class, two words.

Flat & Bed

Where else can you get flat beds in business?

RE: AA's New

Wed Jun 28, 2000 3:08 am

I do think that there are two slightly different markets in the first class/business class area. But at the same time they are so close, it's hard to differentiate.

The majority of passengers in first class on UA, BA and AA are probably customers who have been bumped up from business class (the elite of the elite passengers)... it is a selling point to keep customers coming back... the chance to be bumped up from business to first. Customers like having little surprises for them like that at the airport check-in. I don't think it separates AA from DL all that much, it just gives reasons for AA's customers to stick with AA.

It's a great thing to be able to bump an angry coach or business passenger up to first-class - it's like an immediate remedy to the passenger's frustration with the carrier and it makes the airline look like they care.
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RE: AA's New "Flagship Suites" In 777

Thu Jul 27, 2000 2:30 pm

it is also possible for the window seats to swivel to you are facing straight ahead but looking out the window! now my neck won't hurt so much   if only i could afford it or i wasn't so stingy with using my miles for upgrades!

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