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I Need Some Iberia Registrations-who Can Help Me?

Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:48 pm

Hi everybody,

I want to complete the flight statistic of my girlfriend.
There are still some flights left - mostly Iberia flights.
So I hope to find someone here who can help me.

Here are the flights. I need aircraft and registration please.

- IB 112, MAD-SVQ, 02AUG2002 (I also search the reg and the flightnumber of the Iberia flight MUC-MAD on 02AUG2002, which connected to IB 112 MAD-SVQ)
- IB 1127, SVQ-BCN, 18AUG2002
- IB 4568, BCN-MUC, 19AUG2002
- IB 4537, MUC-BCN, 13APR2003
- IB 1126, BCN-SVQ, 13APR2003
- IB 1127, SVQ-BCN, 01MAY2003
- IB 4580, BCN-MUC, 01MAY2003

Thank you very very much for your help!
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RE: I Need Some Iberia Registrations-who Can Help Me?

Sat Aug 12, 2006 12:41 am

try rizjet.net, i use this site to get my contruction numbers c/n to my aircraft registrations, its a good site,plus you can add new frames.

good luck!!
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