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Weeknesses In Commercial Flight

Sat Aug 12, 2006 3:26 pm

I've been thinking about this forever but have you ever thought about how these terrorists think and plan these attempted attacks. I'm not sure if it's because I have a backround in aviaiton or not, but I can see a few alarming vulnerabilities in our security of the skies. And this is in no way a "If I were an Ali Mohamed Jehad Zari, I'd do it this way..." thread, it's simplying pointing OBVIOUS areas.

1)Security from what I've expirenced in some of these tropical, resort airports (Punta Cana, etc) is a joke. You walk through a metal detector that looks older than the cab that drove you to the airport in the first place and really wonder if it's turned on. Getting something through would not be an issue. That being said, your flight say connects into JFK, LAX, YYZ you get the point, you go through customs and your still in the secure area with whatever you have on your person...is this not a little bit risky? Security standards are not the same!

2)By spending just about $500 on an ICOM handheld VHF radio, you can become an Air Traffic Controller. Sure with some time and effort you too can walk the walk and talk the talk. One could easily 'step on' ATC and give out false clearences causing aweful outcomes, nevermind cause mass confusion.
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