Cockpit Visits (Not In Flight)

Mon Jun 26, 2000 11:36 am

I know there was a post earlier similar to this, but I wanted a little more specific info. I am flying this Friday RDU-CLT-EWR and then back on July 4th on USAirways. My question is how does one go about visiting the cockpit? (I know you cannot visit it during flight due to FAA rules.) Thanks for any and all help!!

RE: Cockpit Visits (Not In Flight)

Mon Jun 26, 2000 1:41 pm

Wait until after you land at the end of the flight. Wait until most of the other passengers have deplaned and then just walk up to the cockpit and ask. The door will be open by then and just ask one of the pilots if you can take a quick peek. Usually at this point the pilots are not in a hurry and usually happy to show you around.