Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 4:52 am

Can some one tell me how many 777s Continental has and what routes they're going to use them on?
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RE: Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 6:31 am

As far as I know they have ordered 10 B777-200(ER), two of which have been delivered in September. I do not know if they have received any other in these days. I think they are going to replace some DC-10-30 routes with the B777.
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RE: Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 8:10 am

As Robert said, they acquired two in September. They were placed on the EWR-IAH-LAX route and EWR-MCO. Of course, we're well into November and I have no idea whether they've added a/c or changed the routing .........

I understand that the 777s are intended to replace some or all of the 747s. As you know, CO has a collection of these from various sources.
The 767-400, a souped-up version of the -300, will come along in a couple of years, resulting in the eventual retirement of the DC-10s.
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RE: Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 8:59 am

Continental Airline will use the 777-200's for there routes to Tokyo from Houston and Newark. Also they plan to use them on routes to Europe and domestic routes from Houston and Newark there two main hubs.

Continental Airlines will be retiring most of there DC-10's and also will be using all there old 747's on there Continental Micronesia routes from Guam and Saipan to Asian cities. So in a few years we won't see anymore Continenal Airlines 747s here in the mainland U.S, also there new 767-400s will be used for all routes to South America and Europe.

Already Continental Airlines has many Boeing 737-700's and 737-800's. They are saying once Continental Airlines get there aircraft the airline will have the youngest fleet of aircraft in the U.S (Alaska Airlines currently has the youngest fleet)
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RE: Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 9:19 am

Continental started their 777 service on Oct 11 with 2 planes
on domestic routes. EWR-IAH-LAX and EWR-Orlando-EWR. They
also received a 3rd 777 recently which is also servicing the
EWR-IAH-LAX-IAH-EWR route. Two of these planes will or
rather should have by now started IAH-Tokyo and EWR-Tokyo
routes. The newer ones, as they arrive will replace DC-10s
on the European routes and the last remaining DC10s after
these will be replaced by the 767-400s which I think will
come towards the 2nd half of 1999.

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RE: Continental 777s

Thu Nov 12, 1998 3:34 pm

CO currently operates 2 777-200IGWs. One is used on a route from newark to houston, and the other is operated between newark and orlando