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Difference Between RG And Vasp & TransB

Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:42 pm

I feel as if I must apologize even before asking my question. I am a mere novice and most of you in here seem to be quite the experts. So, please forgive my ignorance if this has been discussed.

What is the difference between the situation of Varig and that of TransBrasil and Vasp? What I mean is this, did Varig get special treatment? Did no one want to buy TransBrasil or Vasp? Yes, I know that there is a chance Vasp may return to the air. I've heard the same of TransBrasil. But Varig never stopped flying. Is this because Varig is the flag carrier of Brasil and we couldn't dare see her stop?

Then, who assumed the millions in debt of "old" Varig?