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Question On East Coast Air Traffic W/o The Shuttle

Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:02 am

I have a couple of questions for the forum about traffic on the United States east coast.

First of all, for ATC people, what % of the traffic in the Washington DC-Baltimore-Philadelphia-NYC-Boston area is "The Shuttle"?

I ask this question based on the horrific weather delays seen along the east coast this summer. There have been the horror stories of the cancellations, over-bookings, and airports bulging at capacity.

In a COMPLETELY hypothetical situation, let us pretend that all shuttle service was cancelled, and all flights between these cities were strictly for connecting passengers. And before anyone has a heart attack, assume also that Amtrak increased its capacity to ensure that no one would be stranded in a city because of this new rule.

How much relief would this provide to shuttle airports? And of course, I must ask the inevitable, "would airlines simply fill in these gaps with more flights to other cities, thus clogging it back up the way it was?"

A loaded question, but I'm not familiar with "Shuttle" operating stats.

Thanks in advance for your replies!!
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