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Cleveland This Weekend

Tue Jun 27, 2000 9:10 am

this weekend there will be a Cart FedEx Championship race at the airport in cleveland. how does this affect the airport? the runways have to be shut down because they are part of the race track! will all planes have to leave or can they stay parked somewhere? it will be a great race and i can't wait to see it! racing and airplanes all in one  
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RE: Cleveland This Weekend

Tue Jun 27, 2000 10:32 am

Yes Burke Lakefront Airport where the race is held is closed down. The runways are the track. The planes in the way on the event would probably have to be moved mabey to a diffrent place on the ramp. Private planes and biz-jets could use Hopkins Intl. or Cuyohoga County Airport while Burke is closed.-che

RE: Cleveland This Weekend

Tue Jun 27, 2000 12:19 pm

Also note that Burke Lakefront Airport, where the race is being held, is not Cleveland's primary airport. Cleveland's main airport (CLE) is Hopkins Int'l, where all commercial airliner activity is located. Burke Lakefront is used primarily for general aviation as well as a few corporate jets here and there.