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Commercial Flights From A So Cal Military Airbase

Tue Jun 27, 2000 10:01 am

Hi! Can someone help me with this question? I was at my aunt and uncle's house on 6/23/00. They are within eye distance of March AFB near Riverside, CA. I heard a plane take-off and I looked up, and to my surprise I saw an Air France 767 or some Airbus. Anyhow, the plane took off, circled the Air Force Base, and then it landed. The Air France plane continued to do this. The usual planes to take off form March AFB are C-130s and KC-10s (military version of DC-10). I don't believe this plane was sent in as a plane to pick-up passengers of an emergency landed plane. Was the AFB doing sound testing just like they did at El Toro? Thanks in advance for any answers!