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Airframe/Engine Manufacturers Relationship?

Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:00 am

I have been thinking at the following facts:

1. GE has a monopoly on large 777
2. RR has a de-facto monopoly on the 346
3. GE seems to be very keen about the 787 + 748
4. GE seems not to be so keen about the 350
5. GE is not directly producing engines for the 380
6. RR is the only supplier so far for the entire 350 range
7. RR is not producing engines for the 737

... does this mean that the industry moves somehow towards a GE/Boeing pole and a RR/Airbus pole? Not exclusive of course, I cannot imagine RR not producing any engines for Boeing or GE for Airbus; but a kind of two "naturally close business relationships", perhaps not unrelated to geography?

What do you guys think?