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ORD Back In The Slot Business

Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:25 pm

The FAA has decreed the temporary ORD slot ceiling will continue until 2008, when another runway should become operational. Does anybody know how the FAA grandfathered the existing slots? For example, CLE-ORD is all COExpress; does Continental or ExpressJet own the newly-minted slots?

It's important because the FAA says the slots can now be bought, sold, and traded. If CO owns them, they could put 735s on five flights and sell off the other three slots, matching their CLE banks and keeping almost the same capacity. By the time they wanted to add more flights, it would be 2008 and the new slots would be free again - if the FAA keeps its promise.
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RE: ORD Back In The Slot Business

Sat Aug 26, 2006 3:18 am

Well I can understand this.....youhave so many regional jets swarming over the place into and out of wonder.....I still think that the airlines specifically UA and AA should reduce the amount of flights by becoming less reliant on their regional partners and fly full size planes fewer times a day....It may not be as convenient for some travellers but who cares? Would they rather sit thru 45min - 1 hour gate holds and ground stops because Chicago Center is saturated with aircraft?? back in the late 1980s I can remember flying into OHare from differenmt cities and gate holds of 30-45 mins was the norm....Looks like that we are right back to that point......Pilot Duty times will come into play too whith this.....Do Airline executives give any of this any thought or are they just making things up as they go???
What will be the criteria for clearing which aircraft first? Many unanswered questions.....
The fun begins.....

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