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Braniff Jetrail

Tue Jun 27, 2000 4:01 pm

I, like Teahan, am fascinated with Braniff! They seemed to be the most innovative, influential, and controversial airline 'back in the day'. Like the Virgin Atlantic of the early years!

I was flipping through some pages tonight, trying to learn more about Braniff, and I saw that for six years, Braniff operated the "Jetrail" at Love Field, which would transport passengers from the terminal to the Braniff car park a few blocks away. Is this not one of the coolest ideas, or what?!

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That was pretty much my post...just wanted to show what an awesome airline Braniff was!

If anyone has any stories, or comments, PLEASE post them!

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RE: Braniff Jetrail

Wed Jun 28, 2000 11:44 am

OK, late, but here it is.

When I was a kid, my folks and sisters (3) would sometimes drive over to Love Field and... ride the JetRail. There was no charge for its use, and it was a kick. It always seemed to work just fine, and when we got to the BN terminal, we'd wander around and look at airplanes, and check out the artwork (BN did it up right!). The "Grand Hall" in the BN terminal was very cool- had one of those big boards with the "flip letter" signs (the ones that changed with a "flip-flip-flip" sound), and I used to love to watch them turn. OK, so we didn't get out much!

Also, at that time, BN was the only airline at DAL with baggage carousels, and they were so novel and cool... sometimes, they'd turn them on and let us ride them around in circles (times changed, eh?).

Nice post to make me remember the good days, when service was service, and Braniff was king in Dallas.
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Wed Jun 28, 2000 1:07 pm

Yes, I wish I had only been alive to fly Braniff International. I know a retired Braniff captain, he has some good stories, I bet. Actually, it is not very far from either end of the Jetrail, distance wise. Living in the 'burbs around Dallas, I have flown in and out of Love a few times, and the distance is no pain to walk- unless you have a suitcase or the temperature is above 105 degrees, as it often gets. Braniff was king, and I wish the 80's had not happened to them. Alas, that decade knocked out several great airlines. The only memory I have of Braniff is of their planes parked at DFW after the shutdown. One orange 722 and one green one. Did you know they were one of the founding fathers of DFW? We all knew we needed a new airport, and when both cities approached Braniff about it, they said "great- we will buy one entire terminal." and became the "launch customer" of the airport! Up untill just a few months ago- maybe one year- their paintings were still on the walls of that terminal, even though the gates had been sold long ago. If you look above your head as you walk down a jetbridge, the plastic ceiling panels still say "BI- Fly Braniff." That is kind of a sad tribute.