AA's C.R. Smith Museum (near DFW)

Wed Jun 28, 2000 3:26 am

Looking for something to do on your next layover at DFW?

Check out the American Airlines C.R. Smith Musuem just outside D/FW International! While there, you can check out and tour the inside of a fully restored AA DC-3, view and read about an endless number of commercial aviation artifacts, and stroll through the gift shop! The best part of the musuem is a 15 minute film that is shown on a three-story tall IMAX/IWERKS screen... you even get to sit in real first-class AA seats!

Next time you are bored and want to spend a few hours learning about AA and the history of commercial aviation, check out the CR Smith Museum!
I love each and everyone of my visits there! It's actually located on FAA Rd. and is connected to American's Flight Academy (pilot training center) and is across the street from the AA Learning Center (flight attendant, gate/ticket agent training center).

Does anyone know of any other cool commercial aviation museuems??
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I Will Second Your Opinion

Wed Jun 28, 2000 4:44 am

I have been to the CR Smith museam a couple of times and it is all about AA, it tells you lots of facts and everything about them-with out getting bored!! The film is great aswell as the giftshop, it is probably one of the best aviation related gift shops i have been in!! it is also kinda good for spotting aswell!!
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RE: AA's C.R. Smith Museum (near DFW)

Wed Jun 28, 2000 4:48 am

Not necessarily a civil aviation museum, but the Museum of Flight in Seattle (on boeing field) is pretty cool.

I think that it is more aimed towards the younger kids, but there is some interesting exhibts there. I was particularily impressed with the first Air Force One which you can pass through, and pretty good exhibits on ATC and the appollo mission to land on the moon - 11/12 I forget!

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RE: AA's C.R. Smith Museum (near DFW)

Wed Jun 28, 2000 9:39 am

On Dec. 26, I'll have about a three-hour layover at DFW. Will I have time to visit the C. R. Smith Museum? Is it within walking distance from the terminals? If not, what is the best way to get there?

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RE: AA's C.R. Smith Museum (near DFW)

Wed Jun 28, 2000 1:38 pm

it is definatley not within walking distance! its been years since i was last there, did you know that the people working there are volunteers?
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RE: AA's C.R. Smith Museum/L1011

Wed Jun 28, 2000 3:52 pm

I will agree that the CR Smith Museum is a wonderful place to visit...I went with my uncle the first day that it opened, and I still remember the movie with the real first class seats and, of course, the gift shop (I bought a die-cast AA B767). I was really young, but I still remembered it...

L1011, the best way to get to the CR Smith Museum is probably by taxi...If memory serves me, it is somewhere between Six Flags Over Texas and DFW Airport. 2 hours should be enough to cover it. (BTW, I am pretty sure that AA does not run a shuttle to the museum.)

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