Wed Jun 28, 2000 5:52 am

Lately, I have read here on the form a few topics about the original Braniff.... you know the one, with the muti-colored fleet, Calder planes, 727 place, Air Strip, etc, etc, etc..... I unfortunately was too young to appreciate the original Braniff, when it was still in service. I truly wish that I could have experienced what it must have been like to fly with Braniff. What Love Field must have been like......
I recently met a former Braniff employee who told me how employees would go to the Braniff terminal at DFW, after the airline had shut down, and would just stand and look around in disbelief. Braniff was gone. His story really got to me so here's the purpose of this post.....
Share with us any experiences you might have had with Braniff. Only the original Braniff though...... I would like to hear and try to image what Braniff must had been like.......

Thanks... COEX
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RE: Braniff

Wed Jun 28, 2000 6:07 am

My one and only memory of Braniff comes from Halloween 1979 when we were flying into Houston.

The aircraft (it was a 727 if my mom is to be believed) was decorated inside with assorted Halloween stuff stuck on the walls. The Flight Attendants gave masks to all of us kids and let us walk around the aircraft "trick or treating". I remember that we knocked on the cockpit door and the Flight Engineer popped out with a bunch of candy and gave it to us!

I wish I had been slightly older and able to remember more than just the sketchy details (most of which have been reinforced by parents), 'cos it was definitely a fun flight!
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RE: Braniff

Wed Jun 28, 2000 6:16 am

You might find a lot of things of interest to you at Also, read the book "Splash of Color's" by John Nance. He used to be a Braniff pilot, and the book gives a good history of the airline. And if you look through back issues of Flying Magazine, Len Morgan was a captain with Braniff and often had many stories about life on the line.
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RE: Braniff

Wed Jun 28, 2000 6:37 am

I was very young also. The only thing I can remember clearly is the 727 interior. It had brown leather seats on the aisles and windows, and the middle seat was blue cloth. The wall were the strangest. They were white with horizontal blue stripes running from the forward part of the aircraft to the aft. This was called Texas Class.

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