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Types Of Traffic At Berlins Airports.

Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:12 pm

I know Berlin's Tempelhof airport is mainly for German domestic flights, but what is the main difference between the airlines that use Tegel and Schoenefeld?

Has one got more charter traffic than the other? Does one have more low-cost airlines? Which one has more longhaul traffic?

And how do they decide how they split it between the two?

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RE: Types Of Traffic At Berlins Airports.

Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:19 pm

Berlin's airport set up is a result of its post-war history. Germany was divided into four sectors and Berlin (wholly within the East German sector) was also divided between the British, americans, french and Russians. As a result each of the four sectors in Berlin had an airport.

I'll cut a long story short to say that ultimately TXL became the main airport for berlin over THF, and SXF became the airport for East Berlin.

Upon reunification of course the airports were still there - with TXL mainly served by the likes of AF, BA and all the other traditional western carriers (and LH who originally weren't allowed to fly there), THF generally saw the smaller business and commuter flights, while SXF saw all the carriers from the former Eastern bloc such as SU, OK, MA and so on.

This has changed somewhat in time as new services have arrived to the city. Carriers have chosen to operate to the different airports for various reasons, but by and large TXL mainly sees the traditional full service carriers (with its better proximity to the business centres of West Berlin), SXF still gets the smaller airport, while SXF has grown from much more LCC and charter traffic.

This will all become academic of course once the new BBI airport is built on the site of SXF and the other airports are eventually closed.
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