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RegionsAir Maintenance Reliability?

Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:49 pm

Earlier this year, many regional airports here in northern West Virginia switched from Mesa/US Airway Express flying to and from KPIT to RegionsAir, flying under the CO Express banner, which uses KCLE as their hub. The local argument was that Mesa refused to offer any more than 3 BE58 flights a day and that RegionsAir's proposal to bring in SF34's would bring a great increase in the number of annual emplanements here, which is currently under 10k/year.
Mesa got the FAA contract and purchased the Saabs just for the local routes. After some teething pains and training was complete, they finally put them in service almost a month late. They operated pretty much on schedule for several months, but this week, they've had to cancel a flight or two a day because of 'repair needs' on 3 of the 4 planes used on the routes.

I realize that the Saab is a new airframe for them and I know things happen outside their control, but I would think that RegionsAir would either have a contingency plan in place or a schedule that would allow some backup somewhere. It may be just me, but having to repair 3 of 4 planes at one time is a little disconcerting. I have as yet to fly RegionsAir out of here and all the problems they're having make me even more reluctant to fly them.

Does anyone know how RegionsAir is regarding maintenance and what their service is like? I really miss flying to KPIT!

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