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What's With The A3xx?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 6:34 am

Honestly, does anyone out there think there is a market for this "thing"? If anyone knows, what airlines have considered ordering this aircraft? The sheer size of it amazes me. And the cost to run? Will the airlines ever fill it with enough people to make it efficent? Multiple flights, more than likely, will be compiled into one A3xx. This will most certianly cause scheduling difficulties for travelers that want, and need, the flexability of multiple flights per day. If people would respond with their views of the A3xx, I would greatly appreciate it.

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RE: What's With The A3xx?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 6:50 am

Several airlines have shown interest in the A3XX, those include Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines. There have also been a couple more interests. The A3XX is surely cheaper to operate than the 747-400. Thats the main feature that interested airlines in the A3XX. Even if the aircraft isn't fully filled with passengers, the airline will still make a profit off the flight. Off-course if they only fill up 50 passengers in a 550 seat aircraft, the airline would definately lose money.

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