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Aviation Journalism: Best Of The Worst?

Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:51 am

This topic comes up directly or indirectly in many threads, and next to
"A380 Wake vortex threads" is perhaps one of the most often discussed issues here: just how bad can aviation journalism get?

Many posters claim to have the worst example (me included - see below). So maybe its time to set up our first ever A.net Aviation Journalism Awards

First we need a name: Any suggestions?

Then we need categories: I'd start with:

- Most obvious mis-description of an airliner?

- Best exaggeration or fear mongering?

- Most obvious mis-quote of a credible source?

- And, to turn it around: best nitpick by an a.net member?

And finally, nominees. I'll start by nominating one in the category "Best Exaggeration or Fear Mongering": what prompted this topic was a Toronto Star article on the LGA wing clip between a taxing AC Airbus and DL Embraer .. expensive mistake, yes, but surely just a minor incident, inconveniencing a few hundrend passengers? Not according to the Toronto Star: (quotes and link courtesy of DL787932ER):

Some memorable quotes include

"But Salomon, 29, said it seemed the impact nearly tore off a large chunk of the rear wing of the Shuttle America jet.

"Everyone was all over the place. We were sitting in the airport for three hours, and they didn't offer anyone a food voucher," she said. "It was mayhem."

"Salomon said she was already a nervous flyer before the incident. The one thing I couldn't get out of my mind was that Kentucky flight," she said. Last month, 49 people died after a plane took off from the wrong runway at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport. All of a sudden you realize there's a lot of human error in this type of travel," Salomon said."

"It was a near-disastrous beginning to a trip that was already fraught with danger"

"'Oh God, this was nearly a huge, huge accident,' Salomon said. 'Don't they say the test of a relationship is how well you react to each other when you're in times of stress?'"


Give it your best, er, worst shot!