Thu Jun 29, 2000 5:02 pm

Hey guys,
I make my first UAL-transatlantik flight next week (on a 777). I hope it won't be too boring!
Tell me something about your experiences with United!
How is the inflight entertainment? (economy class)
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RE: UAL-Transatlantik

Thu Jun 29, 2000 6:42 pm

Hallo Lochman, willkommen in Forum!

I flew LHR-ORD and IAD-AMS in December/January (for Times Square 2000 by the way) with UA 777 and both flight were good. You can't be sure that you get PTV's in economy, they worked only on my return flight.
On the PTV's they just show some movies or clips (no games and I also had no airshow, what a pity).
The food was allright, like BA food I would say. The seats are pretty comfortable BUT TRY TO AVOID SITTING IN SEAT "E" 'cause that will mean double "excuse me" and that really pisses you off!! Try to get a window or aisle seat.
Well, some of the flight attendants were very nice and funny (the young ones) and some were pretty rude (the older ones).

Anyway, you'll have a great trip, the 777 is a very nice aircraft to fly with. Try to take some pictures and post them here! Also don't forget a trip report...

Happy landings,
the WorldTraveller (from DUS)
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RE: UAL-Transatlantik

Thu Jun 29, 2000 10:40 pm

United DOES have airshow on it's PTV equipped 777's, but for some reason it must have been turned off on WOrldTravellers flight.

I have flown ORD-LHR, IAD-LHR, EWR-LHR a number of times on UA 777's and the PTV's and airshow were working every time.

Hope you enjoy the flight

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RE: UAL-Transatlantik

Fri Jun 30, 2000 1:37 am

Pretty good, overall. Decent food, nice planes (most flights now operating
with the 777) although some flights use the 767-300ER (LHR-JFK, BRU-

Reliable, often punctual, and good schedules.