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The Most Difficult Passenger: What Do You Do?

Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:41 pm

I'm talking about the passengers who doesn't speak English and who speaks arabic, hindi, or an Asian language mostly. I run into these people all the time and it seems as though no one speaks those Languages at ORD unless they are from that country and it's very hard to find them. I can't take everyone to the gate because I'm on borrowed time. I really hate to just brush people off when I can't help them because of a language barrier. This is the main reason I'm on a mission to become multilingual. Two years ago when I first started at ORD this lady on Royal Jordanian asked for help, since I didn't speak her language I asked another passenger to help me out. Whatever he said to in their language made them have an argument. I just took her to the checkpoint after that.

Fellow Airport employees and even frequent travelers, were you asked for help by a passenger who didn't speak your language? How were you able to help them if you couldn't find someone who spoke their Language?
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RE: The Most Difficult Passenger: What Do You Do?

Sat Sep 16, 2006 5:23 am

Happens all the time to me in DFW. AA will have spanish speaking pax that the GAs can't talk to. Countless times I've translated for them and quite a few when I've had time on layovers have escorted them to their gate in another terminal. I've had people do the same for me in similar situations...