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What Were Caledonians Plans Before Jmc?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 3:03 am

the other day i did a post asking what caledonians plans were before the merger.
many people thought i was talking about the BA/BCal take over, but i was actually on about the FCL merger to form JMC!
SO what were the plans??

The airline had and old fleet that seemed to always break down, and many flights were on Air Atlanta planes. They must have had plans. the DC10s would not go on forever, and the Tristars were already going.

No-one had anythiong good to sday on them.
So what were the ailing charter operator going to do before JMC came in!????????

Please help

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RE: What Were Caledonians Plans Before Jmc?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 9:16 am

First of all as an ex emloyee of Caledonian I have to say that your post seems a bit harsh on a company with a lot of history and reputation.

The main reason the fleet used to break down so often is that we used BA engineering and when BA sold the airline to Inspirations Group everything became very messy and engineering was not up to standard.

However, all that aside, it did go downhill very quickly and within in 3 years and 3 changes of ownership if it hadn't of merged with flying colours to form jmc air, many believe it would have gone under.

I have to say though that the names of Flying colurs may be synonymous with excellence and on time departures etc, last year it was only Caledonians on time departures which kept the group on the top 4 airlines at Gatwick! Flying colours had slipped to 12th place!

I don't know about what the long term fleet plans were for CKT, but now we are one big happy family again ( I left CKT to work for FCL) under the banner of jmc air it will be interesting to see how everything goes with the new company.