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US To Back UA Bid For IAD-PEK

Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:01 pm

Another interesting twist in the China route.

United Airlines quest for D.C.-Beijing route draws US Airways support

US Airways Group Inc. is supporting an application being put forward by United Airlines to launch service between Washington D.C. and Beijing.

Chicago-based United (NASDAQ: UAUA) wants fly directly from Washington Dulles International Airport and Chinese capital. Tempe-based US Airways has a code share agreement with United which coordinated schedules and reservation systems.

United already flies to China from Chicago and San Francisco. US Airways is adding those existing Chinese flights to its code sharing system.

Well...We have NW, CO (Skyteam- Many NW flights are DL and CO codeshare - no supporting there) and AA going for routes. Now we have UA backed by US. This is a very nice little battle.

May the best airline (bid) win.

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