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New Airline Question

Mon Jul 03, 2000 1:36 am

I had seen some posts about Northern, Oneida, Transpacific, etc. My question is: where do you guys find out about these? Is there a place in the gov't pages where you can find startups with DOT applications on file? If so, can someone send a link? I'm always curious to seem what's potentially on the horizon, and haven't been able to find a page that helps me keep track.

For what it's worth, I doubt that any of the three I listed will make much of a splash if anything at all.
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RE: New Airline Question

Mon Jul 03, 2000 3:53 am

There was once a Transpacific website which I went to that had news regarding the future fleet and DOT applications, but now I can't find it. If it is ever created, Transpacific may be able to succeed because it would be flying from markets (SAN and PDX) where there is no dominant carrier and no flights to Hawaii (where Transpacific would be flying).

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RE: New Airline Question

Mon Jul 03, 2000 9:52 am

Oneida has become legacy airlines.

They don't have any route structure or anything up yet... but I'm waiting to see this.