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MD80/MD90 Commonality

Mon Jul 03, 2000 7:46 am

How much commonality is there between the MD80 and MD90? The Boeing website lists them as though they're a single family, like the 757/767, but makes no mention in the text of how much, if any, commonality exists. Thanks for any info.
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RE: MD80/MD90 Commonality

Mon Jul 03, 2000 10:02 am

I have flown both.........The MD-90 IS "DA BOMB!"......I do not know the specs,but the 90 to me has way more power and shorter T.O.....also I love the stock updates on the seat backs.....:*)
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RE: MD80/MD90 Commonality

Mon Jul 03, 2000 2:56 pm

Fair amount of commanality, but there is much greater difference between MD82/83 and MD90 cockpits and systems than between there is between 767 and 757 (step up or step down to enter).  

MD90 performance is significantly improved over the MD82/83. V2500 engines provide much greater power with considerably smaller noise footprint.

Only major drawback I've seen with AA's MD90s is the VSCF (variable speed constant frequency) electrical generation system. Too complex and unforgiving of off-frequency variations that causes many of the computer/electronic systems to fail self-tests. That's why one of the main ways to fix the MD90 is to power down the entire aircraft and start up again (i.e. reboot).

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