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DOT Finalizes Selection Of Colgan Air At JHW/BFD

Thu Oct 05, 2006 9:26 am

In a sharply-worded statement today, the DOT rejected RegionsAir's plea for more time and permanently vacated their Jamestown, NY and Bradford, PA EAS contract. Colgan Air was awarded another two-year term for US Airways Express service to PIT, with an option to serve IAD.

Quoting Michael W. Reynolds:
RegionsAir has proposed a number of start dates, but is yet to start service. This delay in RegionsAir's start-up has been disruptive to the communities, and the resulting uncertainty of whether RegionsAir will ever inaugurate service has caused ridership and consumer confidence to deteriorate. Moreover. RegionsAir did not complete the required steps outlined in Order 2006-9-20 to show the Department it is ready to begin service. No executed contracts with either airport were produced and RegionsAir schedules to Bradford and Jamestown have not been loaded into any reservation system.

I would not expect to see RegionsAir bidding on any further EAS contracts.  Wow!
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